Welcome to Heath Primary School


Pupil Voice

At Heath Primary School, we believe that our children are the most important people and we endeavour to give ALL children lots of opportunities to share their thoughts and opinions and play an active role in the decisions that affect their learning and well-being. We work hard to promote a pupil voice in our school and we have lots of ways that the children can do this formally, such as through the School Parliament, Anti-bullying Ambassadors, Reading Ambassadors, Green Team, Sports Captains and via pupil questionnaires. However, our ethos allows the children to regularly share their opinions in an informal way too; in class, in assemblies and also directly to Mr Lynch. Mr Lynch’s door is always open to children (and staff!)

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

"We are Children helping Children!"

Student Ambassadors have an important role to play in the daily life of Heath Primary School. Our Ambassadors undergo an application process that includes a letter of application and shortlisting by our anti- bullying co-ordinator and anti-bullying governor. Successful candidates are then offered an Ambassador role for the year. Pupils are made aware of the responsibility that accompanies this role and the high standards of behaviour that all Ambassadors must adhere to.

An Ambassador role at Heath Primary School is an excellent learning experience and a fantastic opportunity for children to excel, take responsibility and gain knowledge and skills that will benefit them immensely.